Top Binance Spot Trading Groups on Telegram

Top Binance Spot Trading Groups on Telegram

Top Binance Spot Trading Groups on Telegram

Established in 2017, Binance is the leading crypto exchange globally. It has an average daily turnover of over $24 billion in the spot market. Given this popularity, several Binance spot trading groups have popped up on Telegram. And with the current volatility in the crypto market, these groups are more important and worthwhile than ever.

These Telegram channels are dedicated to providing trading, investment, and portfolio management advice. Naturally, they are operated by professional traders who send trading signals advising on:

  • Which crypto asset to trade;
  • What price to open and close the trade;
  • The proportion of capital to use per trade; and

While there are several of these groups on Telegram, only a handful are consistently profitable. That's why we have curated a list of the top Binance spot trading groups on Telegram, based on their long-term performance, customer service, and affordability. So without further adieu, here is our list of the top Binance spot trading groups on telegram.

1. MYC Signals (@MYC Signals)

MYC Signals is one of the oldest and most successful crypto trading groups on Telegram – they have been operating in the crypto-verse since 2017. Their traders have a proven record of reliability and profitability, not just with Binance spot trading signals, but also with signals for Kucoin and other exchanges. Sign up to receive their signals and you can rest assured that you'll make good returns, and perhaps even more importantly, you'll never be put in a position where you need to “risk it all” on a single trade.

MYC Signals Features

  • Offers both BTC and BTC + Altcoins' spot trading groups
  • They publish trading results and frequent market analyses on their free Telegram group
  • Swift 24/7 customer support team on Telegram @MYCSupportBot
  • Traders can automate their trades using Cornix
  • Has a generous refund policy; including full refund to clients within one week of subscription
  • Has a free Telegram group where they post results from the VIP channels and occasionally send trade setups and relevant market updates
  • Both BTC and Altcoin signals are paired with USDT

MYC Signals Performance

Monthly profit of 45% with signal accuracy of about 86%. Note that MYC Signals focuses more on signal quality rather than quantity. That means some days may go without a signal while other days multiple signals are released.

MYC Signals Pricing

Three packages are available for either BTC spot or BTC + Altcoins Spot.

For BTC + Altcoin Spot:

  • $120 for 1 month
  • $300 for 3 months
  • $1500 for lifetime

For BTC Only Spot:

  • $60 for 1 month
  • $150 for 3 months
  • $700 for a lifetime

2. is run by a team of crypto traders who have been trading in the crypto market since 2014. They have stood the test of time, and that only happens if a group is legit and supported by a strong cohort of subscribers. As their name suggests, they provide a variety of crypto signals, not just Binance spot trading signals via their telegram channel.


  • They send up to 3 VIP signals a week to their free Telegram group
  • Signals are generated through a combination of human traders and AI algorithms
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for subscribers who do not find their signal services worthwhile
  • All signals come with full technical analysis, explaining the rationale behind each trade. This ensures that subscribers learn as they trade
  • They clearly state the RRR (the risk-reward ratio) with every trade. Typically, this is a 1:2 and 1:3 ratio ensuring that traders never risk too much per trade and have a higher chance of making a profit.
  • Signals are for both market and pending orders. This ensures that you will have enough time to get in on trades. They offer signals for swing trades and scalping with different trades like buy stops, sell stops & buy limit, etc.
  • They offer free basic educational services

Performance has a monthly success rate of 82%. Typically, they send 2-3 signals daily for VIP subscribers.

Pricing offers four VIP packages:£35 for a monthly subscription

  • £65 for a quarterly subscription
  • £95 for a bi-annual subscription
  • £175 for an annual subscription

They also offer free lifetime VIP membership for anyone registering and deposits the minimum with the recommended brokers – eToro, or

It can help to combine signals from Telegram groups with a crypto trading journal to see how your trades have performed and

3. Rocket Wallet Signals 

Rocket Wallet Signals is one of the newest crypto signals groups on Telegram – it started around May 2020 and has since amassed a large following of over 35,000 members in its free group. It is operated by an experienced trading duo with over 8 years of experience, led by Adam from France.


  • They offer customer support in French, English, and Spanish
  • A free chat group that facilitates member discussions on ongoing crypto trends, trade analyses, and general questions
  • Regular updates in the VIP channels regarding the status of open signals and market trends.
  • Provides BTC and altcoins signals accompanied by technical and fundamental analyses behind them.
  • Allows automated trading with the bot via Binance API


Rocket Wallet Signals releases up to 1 – 3 signals per day, with an average monthly accuracy of about 70%.


Subscribers can choose from five available subscription packages:

  • $90 monthly subscription
  • $220 for 3 months subscription
  • $390 for 6 months subscription
  • $700 for a yearly subscription
  • $1300 for the lifetime subscription

You can also check our list some top crypto chart patterns to improve your own TA knowledge and make your trades that much better.

4. Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders is a community of crypto traders who set out to revolutionize the fintech industry and encourage change in global wealth distribution. It is made up of traders and analysts with diverse backgrounds in trading and investing in various markets. The group has been operating since 2017 and is the only crypto signals group registered under a legal framework – the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands.


  • Verified Crypto Traders operates four Telegram channels:
    • Verified Crypto Traders Chat group – a Telegram chat group for paying members and admins to exchange trading ideas and discuss crypto news. This group also serves as the Customer support channel.
    • Verified Crypto News Telegram channel specifically dedicated to the latest news in the crypto space.
    • Verified Crypto Result channel where trade results from the VIP group are posted
    • Verified Crypto Traders VIP channels for scalpers and swing traders
  • A proprietary trading bot to automate your trading with their signals
  • Compatible with Cornix auto trader
  • Provides BTC and altcoins trading signals, weekly video updates, and exclusive webinars for all subscription plans
  • Occasionally sends professional reports about most promising ICO's.


Verified Crypto Traders have an average win rate of about 87%, and their trade results can be verified using the Cornix audit log.


There are four crypto signals plans available:

  • $99 monthly subscription
  • $270 for 3 months subscription
  • $540 for 6 months subscription
  • $999 for an annual subscription

5. Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals started operations in January 2018 and is run by an expert team of traders with one of the industry's impressive consistent growth in the portfolio in the short term, midterm, and long-term run.


  • Advice on how to balance your crypto portfolio with BTC, stablecoins, and Altcoins as per market conditions
  • Full automation with Cornix Trading bot
  • VIP Trollbox (Chatroom), where members discuss trade ideas, crypto market news, and educational content
  • Customer support at the ready to answer
  • a request from prospective and current clients regarding trade setups and market analysis
  • Continuous updates on open signals instructing members how to adjust their portfolio position depending on market developments
  • Frequent CoinMarketCap analysis and bitcoin dominance reports
  • The team issues occasional hidden gem calls on undervalued crypto projects with huge potential to help you build a profitable long-term portfolio


Universal Crypto Signals focuses on quality over quantity; they send about 25signals per month with an average win rate of 96%.


There are two plans available for spot trading:

  • Altcoins and spot Trading Premium: 1 month – $66, 3 months – $171, 6 months – $306, 12 months – $540
  • Fully automated altcoins and spot trading premium: 1 month – $91, 3 months – $234, 6 months – $450, 12 months – $774

6. Crypto Classics

Crypto Classics is one of the most trusted crypto consultants and signals providers, run by a veteran group of traders and consultants since 2017.


  • They offer full portfolio audit for VIP subscribers by evaluating your current portfolio and advising which coins to add or remove
  • Trading strategies are split to suit different types of traders. The focus groups are split depending on the amount of capital the traders have – those with up to $4k, between $4k and $80k, and those with $80k to $1m.
  • The channel is compatible with Cornix for auto trading. Note that the free group doesn't support auto trading
  • Signals are generated depending on several factors – regulatory environment, market conditions, and trending news.
  • 24/7 VIP customer support. Replies usually within 4 hours
  • They offer regular BTC technical analysis
  • Each signal comes with an advisory on the percentage of capital to allocate for each trade for proper risk management
  • An interactive free group where they send 4 spot signals monthly.
  • Free educational content ranging from basic trading principles, creating a trading account, and trading strategies.


Crypto Classics sends about 20 spot signals a month. They have a 75% accuracy with an average monthly return of about 86%.


There are three subscription packages available for Crypto Classics signals:

  • Monthly $199
  • 3 months, $399
  • 12 months $1,199

7. Altcenter Signals

Altcenter Signals boasts itself of accurate, precise, and structured crypto signals. The group has been operational since 2018. Typically, they send proof that they have also opened positions for the signals they send and the proof of profit/loss after the signal is closed.


  • Portfolio management, with 24/7 automated trading. The most striking thing about Altcenter Signals is the fact that they offer a free proprietary trading bot. However, users must share 50% of the profits generated from using the bot with Altcenter Signals. They also guarantee refunds for any losses incurred when trading using the bot. That effectively means that you are guaranteed profits with no downside!
  • They also offer a trading indicator – integrated with TradingView, and it is updated daily with multiple trading strategies
  • Risk management strategies available with each trading signal provided
  • Short educational trading guides and latest market news updates
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Technical support to ensure integration of API bots and trading indicator


Altcenter Signals send 2 – 5 signals per day, with an average success rate of 80%.


Traders can choose from 3 available packages and can only pay with BTC.

  • Monthly $120
  • 6 months $500
  • Lifetime $1200
  • Lifetime Indicator license $1500

8. MyCryptoParadise (MCP)

MyCryptoParadise is headquartered in the Czech Republic and has been run by a group of four crypto experts since 2016.


  • They offer account management services using proprietary API auto trading
  • Free educational content regarding the crypto market in general along with the latest crypto market news and commentary
  • 24/7 customer support
  • VIP clients have access to a chatroom, daily market analysis, and a personal trading coach available to them 24/7.
  • Different trading groups for Binance and BitMEX/Bybit
  • Human-generated trading signals from a hybrid of strategies ranging from technical indicators, trending news, and market sentiment
  • They have an affiliate program, where referrals earn you a 20% commission


VIP clients receive up to 9 daily signals from MCP with an average win rate of 85%. Typically, monthly profits are more than 120%. You can review the published result from their website.


Traders can choose any three options for either BitMEX/Bybit or Binance VIP plans:

  • Monthly – $369
  • 6 months – $1,399
  • 12 months – $2,369

For those who prefer account management services, the cost is $29 a month.

9. Learn2Trade Signals

Learn2Trade Signals is run by a group of professional traders with over 15 years of trading experience. It is affiliated with Learn2Trade –financial news and educational website.


  • A vast library of Free trading educational content
  • Regular crypto market updates and trade analyses for both free and VIP groups
  • Free weekly webinars
  • They send at least 3 free weekly VIP signals to the free group
  • 24/7 chat support for VIP members and one-on-one trading advice from the professional traders
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee for first-time subscribers


VIP clients receive 3 – 5 signals per day with an average success rate of 76%. Typically, these signals include a variable risk-reward ratio.


Learn2Trade has five crypto packages you can choose from:

  • Monthly subscription: £35
  • Quarterly subscription: £65
  • Bi-annually subscription: £95
  • Yearly subscription: £175
  • Lifetime subscription: £250

The Bottom Line

There are thousands of crypto trading groups on Telegram, with more being created daily. While most of them are legit and offer steady returns, some are typical run-of-the-mill scams, which are either piggy-backing on the signals sent from the genuine groups or quacks intent on ripping you off. And although our list of top Binance spot trading groups on Telegram is not exhaustive, you can depend on these groups for steady long-term returns.

Our recommendation is that you choose a group with a long history and thousands of members with a free group so you can test out their signals. MYC signals fits this bill perfectly, which is why they earned the #1 spot on our list.