Best 5 Crypto Calls Groups on Telegram

Crypto Calls

Best 5 Crypto Calls Groups on Telegram

Trading Bitcoin is by far one of the most profitable activities that you could get involved in when joining the crypto community. Bitcoin’s volatility is often thought of as being bad, but for traders this is the complete opposite. The volatile nature of Bitcoin provides plenty of opportunity to generate returns when compared to less volatile traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds. Despite this however, trading Bitcoin can be difficult because successfully trading this digital asset requires you to pay constant attention to the trading charts. As a result, we have seen the appearance of crypto calls groups on Telegram, which are essentially groups of experienced traders that will tell you exactly when to buy and sell Bitcoin to generate a profit.

The key advantage of joining a crypto calls group is that these skilled traders will constantly monitor and analyse the charts to spot profitable trading opportunities so that you don’t have to. If you can join a reliable and profitable crypto calls group, you will be able to grow your money passively.

If you don’t know what crypto calls are (also known as crypto trading signals), then here’s a quick rundown…

What are Crypto Calls?

As you’ve probably already figured out, crypto calls are a set of instructions that are sent to you telling you when to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. For example, you could join a crypto calls group on telegram that sent you instructions telling you when to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Crypto calls will usually be formatted like this:

  • Cryptocurrency – the call will tell you which cryptocurrency to buy e.g. Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • Buy – the call will also specify the price at which you should buy the cryptocurrency
  • Sell – of course the crypto call will tell you when to sell so that you can lock in some profits
  • Stop Loss – the call will also specify a stop loss, so that you can be protected from any major losses.

Crypto calls will also have additional information such as the cryptocurrency that the call is intended for, and the amount that you should be allocating to the trade.

If you’ve joined a consistent and reliable crypto calls group, you should (hopefully!) be receiving plenty of notifications like the image shown below. These notifications highlight the amount of money you’ve made on the call and how long it took to make that money.

It might first seem difficult to understand what you’ve just read, but it is quite straightforward. A lot of the work that goes into following crypto calls is handled automatically by bots on Telegram. The advantage of these bots is that they will allow you to follow the crypto calls automatically.

Now that we’ve covered what exactly crypto calls are let’s now take a look at the best telegram groups that you should be joining so that you can start receiving profitable and consistent crypto calls.

1. MYC Signals (@MYC Signals)

  • Number of Subscribers: 35K
  • Focus/Description: Provides crypto calls on the Binance Futures and BitMex cryptocurrency exchanges, and also educational content on cryptocurrency trading.
  • Approximate Post Rate: 5+ signals per day.

MYC Signals is a crypto calls service that was launched by the well-respected cryptocurrency publication, MYC Signals focuses on providing high-quality crypto calls on Binance Futures and BitMex.

In order to get started with MYC Signals, you just need to follow the steps below:

1) If you have an account on the Telegram messaging app, then we recommend you reach out to our admin by sending a quick message to: @MYCSupportBot to get a feel for the kind of service that we offer. You can also join our free crypto signal group, MYC Signals. If you don’t have the Telegram app, then not to worry, you can also contact us by sending an email to: [email protected]. Once we’ve received your email, the MYC team will then walk you through everything that you need to know to get setup.

2) MYC Signals offer 2 premium channels that you can join to start receiving crypto calls: MYC Binance Futures Signals VIP and MYC BitMex Signals VIP. Membership to these groups can be paid via cryptocurrency or card at the payments page.

3) Once you’re a premium member, the MYC team will help you with everything that you need to help you get setup, so that you can start following our calls and making money passively. The MYC team also have 24/7 customer service, to help you any time.

2. Verified Crypto Traders

  • Number of Subscribers: 40K
  • Focus/Description: This group mainly focuses on signals for Binance and Bitmex.
  • Approximate Post Rate: 0-3 signals per week.

Verified Crypto Trader is another crypto calls provider in the space, focusing primarily on making calls for the Binance and Bitmex cryptocurrency exchanges. Like most other groups, Verified Crypto Traders have a team of traders who spend their time tracking the market to spot trading opportunities for their members.

3. Crypto Trades Today (@CTT)

  • Number of Subscribers: 6K
  • Focus/Description: Issues signals for Binance and BitMex.
  • Approximate Post Rate: 7+ signals per week.

CCT trading is a new group that provides crypto calls. They just launched their telegram group in 2022, although their trading team has been active for much longer. You’ll get fewer signals with CTT, but the signals you get will be the result of careful research. This is something that the CTT team prides themselves on – good signals are better than frequent signals. As such, CTT is quickly making waves as one of the best “bang for the buck” signal providers out there (with subscriptions plans starting at just $80) and a proven track record. 

4. Yo Crypto

  • Number of Subscribers: 29K
  • Focus/Description: BitMex signals.
  • Approximate Post Rate: 0-3 signals per week.

Yo Crypto is another solid crypto calls group to check out. They also aim to generate returns for their members on a consistent basis. Yo Crypto has a less technical analysis when it comes to making their trading decisions, so that is something to keep in mind. If you like your technical analysis then there might be a group that is a better fit for you.

5. WhaleTank

  • Number of Subscribers: 21K
  • Focus/Description: A heavy focus on technical analysis as well as providing signals for Binance and BitMex.
  • Approximate Post Rate: 0-3 signals per week.

We had to round out this list with the team over at WhaleTank. Being one of the first ones on the team, WhaleTank have been providing respectable returns for their members for a while now.


That concludes our list of the best 5 crypto calls groups on telegram. Each group has their own unique features and selling points, so make sure to do your own research to figure out which group's style is the best for you.