Top 4 Bitcoin Blogs

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Top 4 Bitcoin Blogs

Last Updated: 1st November 2018

Following on from a previous article that I wrote titled: “4 Cryptocurrency Resources That you Need to Know”, this article will cover 4 Bitcoin blogs you also will definitely need to know.

This is a very selective list and only features Bitcoin blogs which I consider to be of the highest quality. Bitcoin blogs that you will NOT find on this list include the likes of: Coindesk, Cointelegraph and The Merkle. However, this is not to say that these publications are not reputable, but instead, I personally do not use them when it comes to learning more about the cryptocurrency space.

Therefore, without any further delays, and in no particular order, here are my top 4 Bitcoin blogs:

Bitcoin Magazine

When the co-founder is the world renowned Vitalik Buterin, founder of the cryptocurrency, Ethereum, you can be sure that any information published on Bitcoin Magazine is of the highest quality. Buterin has published several articles relating to the cryptocurrency space in the past, and even though he is less involved with the news site, the level of quality has seemingly remained the same. Less concerned with publishing news stories with sensationalist headlines, Bitcoin Magazine does an excellent job in covering the technological advancements that happen all the time in the cryptocurrency space.

Writers will regularly contact thought leaders within the space to ensure that what they are writing is technically correct, and will make amendments if necessary. In short, Bitcoin Magazine is my go-to website when I am looking to learn more about some technical aspects of cryptocurrencies.


Now this is quite an usual pick because Medium is a platform that allows independent writers to publish their own content, and so, some may find themselves asking: is it really a Bitcoin blog? My answer to that question is simply, yes it is.

For many, cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology is a passion, and so, there are many knowledgeable people who want to share that passion, but lack the means to do so.

The section is a treasure trove of high-quality writers who are constantly challenging the incorrect narratives that is typically passed around ill-informed members of the community. The great thing about Medium is, there are writers to suit everyone’s interests. If you want to learn at a fundamental level how Ethereum works, you can check out Preethi Kasireddy (@preethikasireddy); if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency trading and how you can up your game, then you can check out Daniel Jefferies (@dan.jeffries). In essence, Medium is an incredibly high-quality resource that you can use to explore different opinions and viewpoints.


Mycryptopedia, often dubbed as the Investopedia for cryptocurrencies, is a platform that strives to help people learn more about the cryptocurrency space. We focus on providing key summaries of major cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, all in one place. We also report on lesser known cryptocurrencies such as: Request Network, Raiblocks and Waltonchain, all so you don’t have to.

One shining key point of Mycryptopedia is that the information provided is as unbiased as possible, something which is a rarity in the space at the moment. You can be certain that an article on a coin is not being shilled, and is instead, offering impartial insight into its underlying technology.

With the world’s most detailed dictionary section on cryptocurrency and blockchain related terminology, you can be certain that Mycryptopedia is strictly a place for learning with the intention of advancing one’s knowledge on this burgeoning industry.  What you will NOT see are sensationalist headlines with no substance, all with the sole intention of generating as many clicks as possible.


Last, but certainly not least is Investopedia. A titan within the space of financial education, can Investopedia really be considered as a Bitcoin blog? Again, my answer to this is yes! With publications on topics ranging from Segregated Witness to merkle trees, Investopedia does a great job in at least attempting to cover the cryptocurrency space.

In addition, if you are a budding cryptocurrency trader, but you are struggling to understand the terminology that is usually thrown around, then Investopedia is a good resource. With in-depth explanations on trading concepts such as: Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), stop losses and the order book, Investopedia does what other Bitcoin blogs cannot and explains them in straightforward way.


To conclude, certain popular Bitcoin Blogs out there are simply a waste of time, and any real veterans within the space will know that there are much better resources out there. These are just a few of what I consider to be exceptionally high-quality resources that you can solely depend on when looking to learn something new.