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Example Signal

Buy GBPUSD @ 1.28365
  • TP 1 @ 1.28550
  • TP 2 @ 1.28610
  • TP 3 @ 1.28740
  • TP 4 @ 1.28870
Stop Loss @ 1.27954
Buy Gold @ 1936.40 - 1937.40
  • TP 1 @ 1941.14
  • TP 2 @ 1943.85
  • TP 3 @ 1945.02
  • TP 4 @ 1946.36
Stop Loss @ 1934.43
Buy Oil @ 69.10 - 70.10
  • TP 1 @ 70.60
  • TP 2 @ 71.10
  • TP 3 @ 71.60
  • TP 4 @ 72.10
Stop Loss @ 68.00

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Our team started Mycryptopedia to provide a place for people to learn how to be successful crypto traders. Since then, our trading team has expanded to Forex signals. We're now one of the world's largest providers of Crypto and Forex market analysis and trading signals.


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The team behind Mycryptopedia has been a trusted industry leader since 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

Forex signals are a set of instructions telling you when to buy and sell a currency with the aim of generating a profit. You can learn more about Forex Signals by reading our: Forex Signals Guide

The Forex Super Service stands out due to its unique features, such as direct contact with traders, meditation sessions, and psychology sessions.

The meditation sessions are conducted live and in real-time. Each session takes place during the New York trading session, and the exact timing may vary depending on subscriber capacity.

The psychology sessions delve into the vital role of mindset in trading. It's not just about executing trades, but also about understanding your confidence in buying or selling positions and maintaining a strong mindset. We discuss a wide range of subjects, including psychological barriers, enhancing your trading psychology, and overcoming challenges.

Absolutely, all of the psychology sessions are held in real-time.

At this time, the psychology sessions are only available in a live format. Recorded versions may not be available.

Absolutely, the live psychology sessions encourage active participation, allowing you to ask questions and engage in discussions with the presenter.

To make the most of the psychology sessions, come prepared with an open mind, engage in discussions, and actively apply the insights gained to your trading practices. Remember that developing a strong trading psychology is an ongoing journey.

Yes, the psychology sessions focus on cultivating discipline, emotional control, and rational decision-making, all of which contribute to becoming a more disciplined and successful trader.

Certainly, a common psychological barrier is the fear of missing out (FOMO), which can lead to impulsive trades. In these sessions, we'll explore strategies to manage FOMO and similar challenges.

The capacity of each meditation session may vary based on the number of subscribers. Efforts will be made to accommodate as many participants as possible while maintaining a quality experience.

To prepare for a meditation session, find a quiet and comfortable space where you can relax and focus. Ensure you have a stable internet connection to join the live session seamlessly.

Yes, the service accommodates traders of all levels. Beginners can benefit from both the guidance of experienced traders and the psychological tools provided.

The meditation sessions help you maintain focus and clarity during trading, while the psychology sessions equip you with the right mindset to navigate the forex market effectively.

Have more questions? Reach us on Telegram at @MYCSupportBot

Why MYC Signals?

Founded by a team of cryptocurrency and Forex trading professionals, we've been a leading provider of cryptocurrency education and trading advice since 2017. The people behind our signals are full-time traders, who (successfully) make their own living trading on the same set of signals that you can follow. We employ a modern combination of technical analysis and macroeconomic environment monitoring to predict market movements of major crypto pairs. In a typical week, we review hundreds of signal setups in order to find the handful that are most likely to be profitable.

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