The Blockchain Solution to DDoS Attacks

The Blockchain solution to DDoS attacks. A piece of code is shown to represent this.

This article will be exploring the blockchain solution to DDoS attacks. It will delve into what exactly DDoS attacks are, and why they are such a serious problem.

What are DDoS Attacks?
DDoS attacks, also known as, Distributed Denial-of-service attacks, is simply when a malicious hacker floods a website with useless traffic, or a server with useless requests. The result of a DDoS attack is a crash in the system that manages the website or server. As a result, legitimate users who want to visit the website and make legitimate page requests, will not be able to. This puts website owners at a huge disadvantage because the loss of traffic from legitimate users may translate to a loss of potential revenue. In addition, the reputation of the website may be negatively affected. This stain on a website’s reputation may force potential customers to competitors, once again resulting in a loss of potential revenue for the website. In essence, there is no upside to website owners from a DDoS attack, and so businesses most invest heavily in-order to prevent them from happening.

One of the most popular methods in stopping DDoS attacks is called Flow Sampling. Flow Sampling when a sample of traffic to a website is continuously monitored in-order to ensure that there is nothing usual about it. A benefit of Flow Sampling is that it can often signal when a DDoS attack is about to occur if a sample that has been analysed turns out to be unusual . However, the issue with Flow Sampling is in the very name, only samples of traffic to a website is actually analysed. A sample of traffic to a website may show that there is nothing unusual, however, that sample may not be representative of actual traffic to the website. This false positive would then still leave a website prey to a DDoS attack.

The Blockchain Solution: Gladius
One blockchain based start-up known as Gladius, is aiming to truly combat the issue of DDoS attacks. Gladius provides a decentralized solution to DDoS attacks by allowing participants to rent out their under used network bandwidth in exchange for Gladius tokens. Network participants form “Pools” that monitor requests and traffic to a website, therefore making it harder for any DDoS attacks to occur. Website owners can even switch to larger pools as they grow in return for increased protection. As each transaction is public, website owners can ensure they are getting a good deal in return for the protection that they receive.

The benefits of the technology being created at Gladius in combating DDoS attacks is clear. Currently in its token sale stage, Gladius is truly an exciting, full-blockchain solution to the crippling effects a DDoS attack can have.

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